Airplay not working?

Hello I just installed XL on another PI, love this app, its a pi 4.

The intention was to have a nice display for the kitchen which is working fine and tied to roon, but I also wanted airplay enables so my son could stream music when washing up!

Alas, I have turned on shairport, but it does not show up. I am a little confused as it asks if I want it to work via USB or HAT. Well I have picked USB because I dont have a hat, which I therefore assume means it will send the airplay tunes down to the dac, but thats being used by roon?

Well anyhow, is there anything else I need to do other than turn on shairport? Other airplay devices in the house work but this is the first time I have tried with ropieee

Hello @Gareth_Irwin, the AirPlay can also be routed out the same USB connection that Roon uses. The reason the option is there is that some people use two outputs. There is nothing that you need to do to play either source.

Please be advised that the display only shows Roon data.

Ok for reasons beyond my understanding it’s shown up now and working perfectly.

I just love this product!

Obviously a bit of work to do yet! I 3D printed the case but the usb sticks out to far to fit at the top. I had it in my head ropoieee could use the headphones out put but alas no, so this project got a bit out of hand with usb dac on the other side of the wall!