Airplay password?

I’m trying to set up my Apple Homepods Mini stereo pair in Roon and Roon is prompting me to enter in an Airplay password. I have no idea what that password is.

The Airplay password is a security code that you need to enter before you can start streaming content from your device to a compatible device . Your Airplay password will depend on the type of device you are using; the password is usually the same as the Wi-Fi network’s password.

Hi @Mediahound,
Were you able to resolve your issue with @Poul_Jorgensen’s suggestion?

Nope. It’s not my wifi password. I did solve it in a bit of a roundabout way though by setting my output device to “System Output” instead, and then on the Mac, setting the Homepods at the audio device.

It’s not your wifi password. You set the AirPlay password yourself. This might help you How do I find my password for new HomePod? - Apple Community

Thanks Daniel. I’ll give a try when I get home. I wonder if it’s less secure in some way without a password.

The only thing it does is to allow other computers on the network to access the speakers without a password

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