Airplay RoPieeeXL Display

Since I added a display to my RopieeeXL Airplay is not working anymore.
There are several RoPieee installations in my lan with HiFiBerry Hats, all work fine with Airplay. The critical part seems to be the display.

Has anybody airplay working on a RoPieee XL Display?

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3
7" Display
HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro
RoPieeeXL v396

I don’t recall having used airplay lately, but def send Harry a feedback and post here.

I’m not sure what you mean with ‘airplay working on a XL display’.

Are you talking about display functionality? Because that will only work with Roon, not with other sources.

The setup was working without a display. At the moment I added a display to the rpi AirPlay was not working anymore, thus no audio output via AirPlay.

Ok, just wanted to make sure that you’re not expecting functionality that doesn’t exist.

Furthermore the display has nothing to do with AirPlay, so that should not affect it. I assume you have reinstalled the software after adding the screen?

And can you send feedback?

Regards Harry

I have to apologize, the fault was on my side. AirPlay output was set to ‘auto’.
Thank you for your immediate response, @spockfish!