AirPlay: Sound Problems

I use Roon (in German) with Yamaha Musiccast via AirPlay and unfortunately I often have sound problems. The connection to the speakers works fine but when I lock my phone and put it aside, the speakers lose the connection to the roon endpoint. Only workaround that helps: keeping the screen awake or setting the language to English…Does anyone have an idea what I could do or is the bug known?

Did you activate background data option for your application?


Das verstehe ich nicht ganz. Das Musiccast Endgerät erhält den Stream vom Core und nicht vom Smartphone. Das Smartphone kann man auch abschalten, der Stream läuft trotzdem weiter.
Es sei denn das Smartphone arbeitet als Endpoint.
Das Musiccast Gerät muss allerdings in den Einstellungen als Endgerät aktiviert werden.

Yes, it is very strange. But as soon as my iPhone or iPad is locked, the MusicCast speakers lose the connection after some time and/or I have sound problems. Then the only thing that helps is restarting roon and not turning off the iPhone/iPad display. I have roon set to English and then the problems do not occur. Therefore it must probably be a bug in the German SW version

I’m also use the german version of the app on iPad (2) and iPhone (2) without these issues.
I don’t use airplay on this devices with ROON.
I use one Yamaha AVR with AirPlay connection to the core and used one Yamaha WXAD 10 witch is now replaced with Ropieee because it sounds better.

You have to activade this device in “Einstellungen-Audio” like this in the correct zone.

Than you can figure it out like this picture

Bei mir sieht das so aus:

Ich habe an meinem AVR einen HifiBerry angeklemmt und nutze AirPlay nur, wenn ich mit meinen Receiver und dem MusicCast 20 in der Küche gruppiert hören möchte.
Dein „Wohnzimmer ATV“ und „ATVGäste“ sind beides RoPieee Endpoints?

Das sind Apple TV. Der Focal ist ein Ropieee mit IQAudIO DAC an Focal Monitoren. Und RopieeeDigi ist ein Ropieee mit IQAudIO digi+ am SPDIF des Yamaha Receiver. Der bringt besseren Sound als den Receiver über AirPlay anzusprechen…
AirPlay ist für mich definitiv die 2. Wahl.

Hi Guys,
I am from Holland and since a month and a bit two my Yamaha musiccast 20 speakers (over Airplay 2) keep losing their stereo connection. I am now playing mono over one of them (it is now the only one visible). This morning (like every day before) I created a new stereo pair.
This afternoon the stereo setup was still visible in Roon. Now only one of them. Happened every day for a week.
Roon Settings/Audio will find the stereo pair after setup, but after half a day only one singlee speaker is visible.