Airplay stream Playlists & Radio - Roon stops when the next song has different format

That´s it. When streaming to an Airplay Zone, just with airplay, not with Raat, if the next song on a playlist or with radio ON has a different format -for example going from 44.1 16b to MQA or viceversa- player stops.

I just use TIDAL, no local files at all.

When all songs in the playlist share the same format, MQA or 44.1 / 16B, there is no problem, continuous play works ok.

Help please?

Thanks @support

Thanks for sharing your report with us, @kursaal!

May I ask that you please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

In addition to the setup details above, may I ask that you also confirm the following:

  • Just to confirm, this happens with all Airplay zones, correct?
  • When did you notice this behavior? Has it always happened or is this a recent experience?
  • Have you tried rebooting the Core machine, networking hardware, and airplay endpoints?


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Hi and thanks for your quick reply Dylan. My setup is core connected via ethernet to Internet and the airplay speaker, Audiopro C5, connected via wifi (2.4gHz).

Answers to your points:

1: I just have one airplay enable speaker,the C5.
2: I realized about the problem three days ago cos I played a mixed format playlist. I use to listen to abums, not playlists, so don´t know how old is the problem.
3: yes

Anyway, after the last Roon release with Chromecast support -Thanks a lot for it, really well done!!!- I´ll beggining using my chromecast audio instead of the airplay support of the C5 speaker: better sound and more versatile- so now I´m not worried any more about the airplay problem with my system related to mixed audio formats in playlists.

A note: I tested mixed audio formats playlists with chromecast audio and everything works as it should: no stops, for example, when going from an MQA song to a Redbook song or viceversa.

Anyway, thanks a lot and, really, congratulations to all the team that makes Roon such a great audio software, ecosystem.

Hi, just added an audio pro C5 to my system using airplay (wireless) and have the issue of stopping described above. I need to test further to determine if it is format changes that cause the issue or if it happens to all other airplay endpoints. It plays a whole album fine. Core is ROCK/NUC7i7 on a fully wired system, apart from this new Audio Pro device. No Tidal.

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Thanks for reaching out @Anthony_Bates!

When you get a chance, these tests would be great data points for the team to know. Have you noticed any other patterns in when Roon stops playing? How frequently would you say this occurs?


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