AirPlay support in Ropieee?

I can’t seem to find an AirPlay option. I think I’ve read, that version XL was discontinued, and that AirPlay is an option in the “normal” ropieee version. Can someone shed a light on my ignorance? Thanks :pray:

You can find the airplay settings under the tab “services”; which apparently does not show in your setup…

When did you flash this system? The consolidated RoPieee is for net new installs. I believe Harry said eventually the two versions will merge (silently), but I don’t think that that has happened yet.

Summer/fall last year I think.

OK try a new download from the website and full install on the SD card.

… then you need to flash the last version

Ok I’ll try that. Thanks.

Got the new image and everything seems to work fine + I got the services tab :+1:t2:

Thanks :pray: