Airplay Tidal music to Nucleus using Ipad

I have a nucleus connected to network and was trying to do airplay tidal music from my iPad. Nucleus is not showing in the airplay choice. Could you please advice what I should do to make Nucleus airplay ready.thank you Tejo from Singapore

It doesn’t work that way. Send Tidal from your router to your Nucleus via your ethernet connection to the Nucleus. Then, you send your music from your Nucleus to your sound system either the same ethernet or an HDMI or USB direct connection from the Nucleus.

If you have Tidal and a Nucleus, why in the world would you want to use airplay? You can, of course, use your iPad as a Roon control device to control Roon and your Tidal music.

Thank you Jim. Nucleus is noted as airplay ready and was trying the airplay functionality. Thank you ,yes Roon app with tidal works fine too.

Yes, I’m sorry. Go to Roon - Settings - Audio and see if you see your Airplay devices. But, that would be for output from the Nucleus to a device connected by airplay, not for input. For instance, I can see airplay to my Raspberry Pi 4 running RoPieeeXL, but there is no reason I would use that since the RPi4 is a Roon bridge to my Meridian Prime.