AirPlay to HomePod

I’m sending audio from Roon to my HomePod and it’s getting resampled / converted for some reason. The content is 16/44.1 ALAC, so it should transfer lossless.

Any ideas what’s up?

I believe Airplay is always shown as high quality (even though ALAC 44.1/16 technically is lossless indeed).

In His Master’s Voice:

Yup, that’s right @RBM.

@ComputerAudiophile – if there was a conversion happening in Roon, it would look like this:


OK cool. The lack of info confused me with 16/44.1 content. When I played other music I saw the conversion like in your screenshot.

OK, back to listening :~)

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One more thing @mike any chance of real volume control for the HomePod? Bidirectional volume level et…

I would expect that to work (as per the Airplay info in this thread), but I don’t think we’ve got our hands on a HomePod yet.

I’m going to double-check with our developers, but can you let me know exactly what you’re seeing?

The HomePod is a bit different because it has volume control on the unit. Adjusting it from the unit doesn’t change the level within Roon.

We support a lot of devices with volume on the unit and 2-way sync. I bet Apple changed something up about the protocol and it requires some catch-up.

Excuse me for reviving a very old thread but could some one please tell me if Roon does now support 2-way sync for volume with the Apple HomePod or did Apple make some really nasty change that was impossible to accommodate/decipher?

[ I am looking for a slightly better speaker for my home office than my current 1st generation Google Home Mini (not exactly setting myself a high bar!) and an Apple HomePod is one candidate after seeing that the price one can get them for now has almost halved since original release. ]

I have 3 HomePods around the house and they work fine with Roon. Most of the time. They are all separate zones grouped for multi room playback. Volume can be changed on the app or on the HomePod and it all stays in sync. Sometimes, and I don’t yet know why, one of them loses music sync with the others, but usually it works fine all day. Been getting a lot of testing while we’ve been locked down.