AirPort Express and Chromecast Audio streamer upgrade options

Although both my AirPort Express and Chromecast Audio are reliable wireless streamers, I am thinking about upgrading to something without a DAC and achieving better sound quality. My PS Audio DAC takes USB too. Thank you.

Are you already using the digital output of the Chromecast Audio?

Yes, I have been using both AirPort Express and Chromecast Audio via their digital output, not the mini-RCA. (Chromecast Audio doesn’t do gapless playback).

OK, just wondering. I understand that the CCA digital output is pretty good, but I personally don’t hear much difference between streamers if they’re using the same DAC.

Using the CCA digital output is already “something without a DAC”. Not sure what you mean here. Or is it just that you want a streamer with USB output? A Raspberry Pi running RoPieeee works just fine for that, using the regular USB ports of the Pi.

It really is and I have long time touted the CCA as one of the best bang for the buck units out there, shame they stopped producing them so used is only option now.
I have three of them and they perform flawlessly and the sq is more than good enough for their Intended purpose.

Both Apple AirPort Express and CCA output via mini-optical, and my PS audio DAC takes all types of digital inputs. (CCA doesn’t do gapless playback, which is a drawback.) I am looking for a better sounding streamer. I will think about Pi option, but really want something more polished in fit and finish.

Thank you all.

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Streamers don’t have “sound”, they just stream bits. It’s the DAC that produces the sound. The point about gapless is a good one, though.

Um - I thought Roon was able to do this with CCA? It certainly does on my setup with B882 (just been listening to Dark Side of the Moon).
I believe it got broken in one of the earlier builds, but that was a while ago now.

Yup - it got fixed in build 778.

Although, I am using the CCA’s RCA output for my headphones - perhaps there’s the difference…


Nope, all my three CCA pucks do gapless through to a regular endpoint system.
Mix of mini toslink and 3.5mm to twin RCA.
So it should work for the op.


I must have mixed the non-gapless playback with the clicking noise occurring between tracks when using my cheap DAC. I just tried the CCA connected to my good DAC via mini toslink and there is no longer clicking noise between tracks. Thank you all.

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