Al Di Meola mixed up with with Al Dimeola

Hi Roon Team

Tidal seems to have Al Di Meola mixed with Al Dimeola, the former being the correct spelling.



Not sure if you are able to contact Tidal to fix this or do I need to contact Tidal?


Hi @dabassgoesboomboom,

the good thing is that Roon/Rovi has no difficulty identifying the album. Downloaded it the other day. No issues.


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Hi Will, Roon definitely recognises his albums for me too but Roon separates Di Meola and Dimeola.

Pics are always easier to understand, see below.

I can manually merge them myself of course but Di Meola is the correct spelling - it looks like Tidal has it wrong.

Not sure if Roon can correct this though - I thought I’d ask the question anyway.

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Hi again!

Yes, I knew that. I just wanted to point out that it’s ONLY a Tidal issue.

Hehe I knew that too :slight_smile: We’re on the same page which is always nice.

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Slight delay whilst we picked up the (good!) metadata from Rovi. Note that, with new albums like this, it sometimes takes a few days for the metadata to come through.

Edit: you may want to re-identify this album to pick up the best metadata.

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Ah, fantastic. Thanks Joel.

Besides the fact that there is a second primary artist called Al DI MEOLAEAR on the album.