Alac files with " (inch) in the title on a NAS are not recognized

ALAC files (m4a) with " in the title such as in 12" version are not recognized by the Roon scanner on my Mac. They are not listed as corrupt or hidden, just not seen.

After renaming the files from " to inch the files are recognized and scanned properly.
If I am not the only one, this could be a bug.

Mac Mini 2012 i7 with Roon latest build, ALAC files on a QNAP 871 NAS (SMB).

Update: It it is not consistent. Some albums have numerous 12" titles and are all recognized, but the 12" titles in the series “Dance Classics” all need to be renamed and rescanned to be recognized. All albums are compilations with Various Artists as album artist tag.

It also seems that my rescan album is not doing anything. I have to rescan the whole library to rescan after the file renaming.

Any thoughts?

I run a mixed Mac/PC/NAS network, and I have terrible trouble with this. Any non-Windows-compliant filenames (i.e., any including ") will not be seen reliably through a SMB mount. That’s just a fact of life, it seems. And Roon uses only SMB, for sound reasons.

Your best bet is to mount your collection as AFP, use a bulk file-renamer, and get rid of all the "-s. Then mount as SMB and sort out the resultant mess in your collection, which may be considerable.

Sorry it’s not simpler (and nor is it a bug)…

Thank you, I understand the issue.
It is not too difficult to rename " to inch.