Alan Sircom gushes about Devialet and Roon

In a Valentine’s Day posting, Alan Sircom at Hi-Fi+ sends a big fat French kiss to the combination of Devialet and Roon. Here’s a link.

Cheers, Michael

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The article indicates that this is RAAT, which we all know it isn’t. Pity he did not take time to fix this before publishing. Also, the price is wrong. He prints the 440 Pro price. In his original review of the D1000 back in September the price was correct at £22,900
Alan Sircom clearly likes the Devialet amps though. So do I. My 250 Pro is just fabulous!

I’m confused. I thought the Devialet Expert 1000 Pro was just an amplifier. So to say it’s now Roon Ready presumably means that it is now capable of acting as a Roon endpoint.

If this is so, why is Alan Sircom gushing on about:

Running Roon on a device can be a little more ‘nuanced’ than it seems in simple description, and – if we are being truly honest – requires more on-board processor firepower than many products can muster. It usually requires a wholly new model or extensive upgrading of the digital processing boards. This is why very few older models can achieve compatibility with Roon. Devialet, in part due to its constant upgrade path, and because of that inherent reservoir of processing power, has no such issues with Roon.

If a RPi can act as a Roon Endpoint, I don’t see what the big deal about this is?

As I said in my post above, the Devialet amps are not RAAT or ‘Roon Ready’. Devialet has opened their AIR specification to Roon developers so Roon can play directly to an Expert amp via AIR.

RPI means another box (small as it is), PSU, cable, etc., whereas if Devialet become Roon endpoint compatible negates this. Part of the drawcard, for me, to Devialet is the one(ish) box solution.

My point is that a SBC such as the RPi is cheap, and not very powerful. A Roon endpoint doesn’t require “more on-board processor firepower than many products can muster” at all. We’re not talking about Roon Core here, but an endpoint. And it’s not even really a RAAT endpoint, I gather. Perhaps Mr. Sircom is blinded by love for the brand.

Yeah, I believe Mr. Sircom just misunderstood how Roon works with Devialet. Probably he thought that Devialet would run also Roon Core.

He may indeed be blinded. The Roon/AIR is not RAAT, but the article indicates wrongly that it is… Mr. Sircom seems to have written this piece sometime last summer as he says that the main review of the D1000 was just sent off for publishing when the Roon/AIR news came out.
The architecture of the original Devialet amps does not (easily) allow RAAT so the existing AIR protocol is used. AIR (Asynchronous Intelligent Route) has nothing to do with wifi as such as it works on both ethernet and wifi. The new Core Infinity streamer board however is basically a Linux computer running on a dual core ARM. I believe RAAT is planned here, but the norm with Devialet is that it takes (much more) time (than you think).