Alarm Clock's most requested feature [Included in v0.7.0]

The most requested feature of the Alarm Clock extension is an obvious one. I collected some requests:

Even before the release of version 0.1.0 I wrote that it was on my todo list:

Over time I experimented with the Browse API which provides the functionality to select a playback source. The biggest hurdle being how to fit this into the Settings UI which is rather limited by providing only a dropdown element. To make it fit I had to restrict the:

  • Number of entries in the list
  • Depth of the browse hierarchy

These restrictions exclude the selection of Tracks, Albums and Artists as a wake-up source as the list in the dropdown would become too long to be usable. (Currently the number of entries in the list is limited to 100; to be further restricted as this is still too much in my opinion.)

The options that remain are:

  • Queue (the current behavior)
  • Genres
  • Playlists
  • Internet Radio Stations

For Genres the option of selecting sub-genres had to be excluded as it would make the browse hierarchy too deep.

When selecting a Genre or Playlist it will be played in Shuffle mode to make sure that you will not wake-up with the same song every day.

Adding the Playlist option meant that there also had to be a possibility to select the Profile for which the Playlists have to be listed. The profile selection is global, meaning that you can only play shared playlists and playlists of the selected profile for all the available alarms.

All in all quite some additional settings to fit into the Settings dialog. To keep it usable the settings had to be split into different groups which are collapsed by default. Here is a screenshot of the current status:


yup! up for testing this!

So, let me get this right, @Jan_Koudijs: you polled present and prospective users about wanted features, and now you are trying to produce a product that satisfies the consensus?

Wow! What a concept. I wish other software providers did that! :slight_smile:

I updated the status message, now it also tells what will be played:

BTW the new version supports up to 20 alarms, for the power power user :wink: