Alarm extension disappearing

I have had problems with the alarm extension disappearing from my RopieeeXL/Roon setup over the past few weeks, after a couple of years of very few problems. It disappears from the “extensions” page every week or so. Of course, alarms then stop working. However, it remains in the “extension authorization” page.

Rebooting my ehternet-wired Pi 4 (latest version of RopieeeXL) brings the alarm extension back to the extensions page in working, enabled order. Other extensions, such as Ropieee remote control are behaving normally and are not disappearing.

I’not convinced this is random. It may have something to do with brief internet outages,which are common in my home in Brasil despite having 500 meg fiber. But that’s been the case for years, and this has just started recently.

Has anyone else had this happen? Any suggestions for avoiding it? My current “solution is to have Ropieee reboot every morning at 3 a.m., a few hours before my daily alarm.

I was thinking of experimenting with the weekly reboot. Can someone tell me when ‘weekly” starts? Is it when you change to the weekly option in configuration or a week from the last manual or auto reboot. I dont see an option to set a day.