Alaskan Radio Stations

I have been enjoying the curated collection of stations, and I understand why you might not want to add every station that someone suggests as it might conflict with the curation.

But I would love to see some stations get added from my home state of Alaska. I would suggest KUAC and KSUA from Fairbanks as worthy.

As an aside, I tried to add these myself. In the old days the stations published URLs for various bit rates and compression schemes. Now it seems that these are not available and the stations use a proprietary streaming service, making it impossible to use anything else. I also tried copying over the URL for the Tune-in stream to no avail. I received an error that was something like “ Couldn’t play first track”. Thanks for your consideration!

Don’t worry, just ask. We do our best.

I’ve added KUAC and KSUA.

Yes, makes our job difficult at times. Anyway, I found some streams.

For KUAC, one stream is US only, so as I’m in the UK, I havent been able to test one stream properly. Could you tell me if the higher rate stream works for you and at what rate please? I’ve just taken a guess for now.

@dylan, can you add Alaska as a location please

Forget that one. It’s no good.

Thanks so much for adding these stations! For KUAC all that shows up is a 24 kbps AAC stream. But it’s possible that’s all the station is making available. KSUA shows as a 128kbps MP3 stream, and sounds reasonably good.

Here is what the signal path shows for KUAC:

Some interesting steps in there!

I’ve tried to find a higher quality stream, but I don’t think there is one. Poking around their website doesn’t bring up anything better than 24k.

By the way, I don’t know why you are only getting a mono stream - I see stereo.

Yes, that is weird and I will try to sort it out. I emailed the station asking them about higher quality streams, including a 320kbps AAC stream that they used to provide. Budget cuts might have forced the station to cut back on the streaming! I’ll let you know what I find out about the stereo issue. Thanks!

There used to be a problem with some aac streams from radio stations only being in one channel, but that was fixed in 1.7. Do you see this problem with other aac channels?

Good move on emailing the station, I look forward to hearing their reply.

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