Album absent from Roon


I checked the “skipped” files but the albums are not listed in the skip files.

I have Aladdin soundtrack in English and in French. However, Roon is picking up only one and put both in English. How can I fix the issue? On my HDD I created 2 folders one for the EN soundtrack and one for the FR.

I have also a “remastered” album of Shpongle. It is not showing up in Roon. How can I force it to scan and display it in Roon? I’d like to listen to both the original and the remastered album.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Anyone? I’d like some help if possible…

OK so for Shpongle, I renamed each tracks by adding [Remastered]
Then for Aladdin I used the menu “preferred file names” and all good.

Quick question though: how can I look at tracks that are “unidentified”? :nerd_face:

Ah…found it: you need to click on the label “identified” to turn it into “identified”

Very smart wow, well done Roon!!

Hey @Gigatoaster,

Thanks for sharing your observations with us — We appreciate the feedback!

Currently different language versions of these types of soundtracks may sometimes be equivalenced when they shouldn’t be. There are changes coming that will improve the handling of these types of scenarios in the future. We don’t currently have a timeframe for the release of these changes, but know that it’s definitely something that will be better soon.

You can use Focus to select only unidentified albums. You can do this by going to Focus > Inspector and choosing Identified. From here you can click on Identified so that is becomes “- Identified”.


Thanks @dylan it is fixed for these 4 albums. :blush:

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