Album appears to be split into individual tracks

First of all, sorry if this is a repeatedly asked question (I have been unsuccessful in a quick search for a similar thread).
The problem I have is that, in my Albums list, some albums (typically Various Artists) are shown as multiple individual (or small clusters of) tracks. How do I recombine them into one album?

As an aside, is it possible to add album art to those albums that Roon will not recognise (e.g. personal compilations)?

Thanks in advance - and again, I apologise if I’ve come across as lazy wrt searching out the answers!

FAQ: How can I ensure multi disc sets and box sets are identified properly?
Fix Track Grouping

FAQ: How do I change the cover art of an album?

  • Embed it into your file(s)
  • Place a cover.jpg in the album’s folder
  • Edit an album in Roon to add a cover art

Hi BlackJack,

Thanks for the tips. I do have cover art (.jpg) in the file locations, but there seems to have been no uptake by Roon. I’ll investigate further this evening. Cheers.

I tried adding album art but got asked for s URL. So, to clarify, do I have to link to a file location? I will struggle to do this as the .jpg files are located on an external SSD caddy connected to a Linux-based Sonictransporter. I’ve probably totally misunderstood and I’m sure there’s a sensible explanation!

Also, is it normal, when editing a track to add the Primary Artist under ‘Add Credits’, for Roon not to recognise (have already in it’s database) well established artists? I had to create the artist Emerson, Lake & Palmer, which you’d think would be recognisable to Roon.

This is because you use a mobile (phone or tablet | Android or iOS) to control Roon. You get the more convenient “Browse for image” option when you use a desktop PC as control (Windows or OS X).

Thanks BlackJack.

I suppose I’ll need to download Roon Remote onto my laptop and do the tweaks from there. Thanks again.