Album Art after 1.8 update

After todays build update the album art is missing on tv display using chromecast, the cover is there but no background art. The tab for album art is missing as well.

This is what I see using the my browser (AFAIK the same as using ChromCast on TV):

So is it there or not? What is missing.

There are no tabs on the web display at all. Never were AFAIK.

Do you write about an extension probably? Then you should probably inform the extension maintainer.

This is what I’m seeing(reflection of lamp from tv in background ignore). Look at the artwork tab, from settings on Ipad.

There is no artwork tab. Do you mean the missing possibility to disable the “Album art”?
AFAIK this is the fix for users that disabled this tab in the past and therefore lost access to the settings at all.

In short, I can’t see anything unusual on your settings screen. All options are there.

On the TV you are missing the “Artist photo”. This might be because of the changes regarding artist pictures and Valence. I suggest you make a support request providing needed information about your system. See also:

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I see the same problem on Chromecast for Google TV, lyrics show but background photos do not change.