Album Art, Artist photos, various icons such as play, rewind, fast forward showing up little gray squares

I’m running Roon on 3 separate PCs. This problem only occurs on my Lenovo T420 running Windows 7. By the way, this problem started about 4 days ago.
I use Roon to control my Logitech Squeezebox Duet
I use a Netgear Genie Wireless Router. Signal is very strong.
The problem is that 95% of the jpeg and GIF images just show up as a dark black box. i have uninstallled and reinstalled the Roon software multiple times with no luck.

Read this thread:

Hey @kim_hixson,

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I’m sorry it took us this long to reply :pleading_face:

Thanks to @BlackJack for jumping in right away with a relevant thread. Did that help?

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