Album Art Challenge

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CXN v2
MacBook Pro 2019,16GB RAM

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Description of Issue

I am unable to manually paste artwork found from Google images into Roon.
I cannot paste copies nor retrieve jpg from saved files.
What gives?

I was having that problem yesterday. Then I noticed that the images were being saved as .jfif

I renamed them to make sure they have the .jpg extension only. If your saved files are .jfif or .jpeg you can safely rename them .jpg and they should work fine.

I acknowledge that. And I discovered that as well. In this case, however, I am unable to either paste or even access my personal desktop files. I own my own computer and should have access to anything and everything.

This is an obstacle which should be able to be resolved quickly. But I’m stumped.

Btw, I use metadata from dbpoweramp and or google images.

Good… you’re savvy :smiley:

The only other thing I can imagine is it’s some strange permissions issue. This would be odd since it’s clearly able to read/write it’s own dataset. I recall having to give Roon permission to access my downloads folder on my MacBook Pro. Will look into it further, though.

Maybe something like this…

Paul, your clip from Apple Support worked! Thank you. I am learning to be patient and to use my resources before I panic. Thanks to you and the ability to reach out, I learned something. Again, many thanks!!

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Yay! Go team! :grin:

Awesome! Roon is the best thing that ever happened in my Audiophile life!

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