Album Art - Correct Album Art shown in Identify - Another album art used

I have an album from Pentatone - Mozart: Youth Symphonies Vol 3. Initally the album art came up as Mozart: The Complete Youth Symphonies (4 Disc Set).

I went into Identify, saw the proper Album Cover (Roon said it was already using that MetaData), selected Vol 3, Songs matched up, clicked SAVE, and the wrong album cover is still shown - Complete, not Vol 3. I waited over night to see if it would be updated, nope.

I do have a folder.jpg with the proper album art in the album directory. But wonder why the wrong Album Art is showing, when in identify is shows the correct one.

Sounds similar to this, which we’re tracking internally. The ticket is open and actively being worked on now, so stand by @dshore – should be fixed soon.