Album Art does not display on Exxceed Audio Server

I have music on my Trigon Exxceed Audio Server and also remotely on my NAS QNAP251A (so two Roon Cores)
I control my Roon Cores via my IPAD as remote controller.
When I connect to my Exxceed Audio server as Roon Core and play music the album art displays on the display screen of my audio server, however when I change the Roon Core to connect to my QNAP 251A I am able to see album art on my IPAD remote controller but the art is not displayed on my Exxceed Audio Server display.
Thanks for your help

If you have two cores they are independent so one would not know what the other is playing. So if you play off the NAS the other server is idle.
That is if you have two independent cores as you say.

Thanks for your response, you are right in that when I disconnect my Roon Core on the Exxceed Audio Server the album art from my last played song is displayed on the screen. I then connect to the second core on my NAS guess the first core is idle as you say. So how do I disconnect it?

I’m not sure what you mean by disconnect it?

Not disconnect sorry but Change to another Roon Core

Exxceed Audio Server has a display on the device
Roon Core Exxceed Audio On the Device album art is displayed also Tidal album art when connected to this core

When I change to my second Roon Core located on a NAS the album art does not show on Exxceed Audio Server Display

The picture below is when I connect to the Roon Core on the Device the NAS not show the album Art

The two Roon Cores in my Setup

Can you explain why you have two cores?
The standard way of working is to have one core and one of more endpoints. You are running two completely separate sound systems that have no knowledge of one another. So whilst the NAS is the active core the other one cannot know or display what the NAS is doing.

the Exxceed Audio server has a built in hard drive and CD ripper so all my CDs are on this server. My NAS has other music which I have downloaded. The is located on a separate PC.
Is there a way t combine the two Cores

If you create a share on the NAS you can point the exceed at the share and combine the files into the roon library on that device.
Settings, storage. If you look at my NUC it has local storage and a NAS mount for downloads.
The knowledge base has more info’s_the_best_way_to_configure_my_NAS_for_Roon%3F


Thanks A lot will give it a try

I have just connected the NAS on the same core and Roon is creating the library. Artwork all working now
Many thanks for your help

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That should be less messing around. If you have time, read the knowledge base and see what people chat about on the forum, there is such a lot to roon you will find new things or get reminded of things you’ve forgotten.
I posted “an issue” with track order yesterday, only for it to be pointed out that I had shuffle on!

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