Album Art Drag and Drop

Randomly can’t add album art in the box that shows by drag and drop. Once i restart roon (OSX) i can then drag and drop the picture to add it to the album until it won’t and i have to restart room again.

I have noticed the same behavior when adding artist photo under ‘Artist Editor’. Restarting the control point (OS X) resolves the issue until next time. Core (Roon Server) is running on Windows 10.

Can’t help with OSX sorry, there are other users familiar with it that will see this thread and @eric will also see it here.

Just noting for any Windows 8.1 users, this registry fix worked for me to get drag n drop working and also got rid of the detested UAC. Two birds with one stone.

@Wakajazz @Robert_Bosnjak – can you provide some more details about your setups, especially what version of OSX you’re running, and exactly what steps you’re taking to get into this state.

If you’re not sure about the steps that’s fine, but whatever you know about what you’re typically doing when this happens will help our team reproduce and resolve this.


This is nothing new… Drag drop image artist.

Qnap TVS-471 Roon Server
Roon Control: Mac mini Late 2012. OSX El Capitan 10.11.5
ID40 End point
I use OSX Control to add album art when none is found.

Core Windows 10 i7 8GB 256 GB SSD + 2GB USB HDD for library
Control OS X 10.11.5 MBP 13 inch retina early 2015 i5 8GB
Audio Outputs HiFiBerry Digi+, IQaudiO DAC+, AQ Dragonfly Red (connected to Control MPB)

Steps to replicate issue (random):
Using Control MPB

  1. Identify artist with missing artist artwork
  2. Locate high res artwork, crop down to 1920x1080 jpg and leave on desktop
  3. Open Artist Editor
  4. Add Image
  5. Drag jpeg image from desktop into ‘Drag images here’ box within Roon app

Sometimes this works fine and the artwork is accepted. Other times the jpeg will not be accepted, the thumbnail preview remains empty. Restarting the Roon app on the Control MPB and repeating the process normally resolves the issue until next time.