Album art glitching from time to time

Roon Core Machine

Latest Roon Server on Windows 10. Problem was there with previous versions as well. Intel Core it. 8GB ram.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus AC68U running Merlin. VPN using OpenVPN so local network forwarding etc is unaffected.

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

1000 tracks - the rest is Tidal.

Description of Issue

I noticed an intermittent artwork glitch while listening on my Raspberry Pi but browsing on my phone. The next track will load and instead of artwork I just see a blank line (in the Roon android app). I also then picked this up while using a plugin I made that gets the artwork using the address of the Roon Core as noted in the Node-Roon-API. If I tried to load the artwork in a browser manually using the key it would return a 500 error. But then if you hit prev and next again the album art shows just fine and you can see the artwork in a browser too if you refresh. It’s like the core tries to retrieve the artwork from the Roon servers but doesn’t quite get it right?

I’ve just realised this may be for a certain size of artwork that Roon tries to retrieve: while the artwork on the now playing screen is blank, it works fine and shows in the play queue.

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