Album art has disappeared

I store my music files on QNAP NAS. At some point in the last few weeks the album art for my files has stoped appearing in the roon app. The music is still there and the writing is still there but the art (picture) is gone.

Hi @David_Asrael,

Can you let me know what kind of Core you are using, is it the QNAP itself? What kind of Roon Remotes are you using? Is the behavior the same if you reboot the Roon Remote and Core?

Yes, the core is in the QNAP and I am mainly using my android phone or a Samsung Galaxy tab as the remote. I have done a reboot of everything but that did not help. Thanks.

Hi @David_Asrael,

Thanks for confirming that the reboot did not help. I would suggest two other troubleshooting steps here:

  1. If you go into Roon Settings -> Setup -> Clear Image Cache does that help?
  2. If you reinstall the Roon Remote app on your Android phone or Galaxy tab, does anything change?

Also, is the behavior consistant for both Android Phone and Galaxy Tab? Are the same ablums missing artwork in both? Was there any change recently in your setup? Did you move cores and restore the database?

Ok. I have tried both of these steps and it did not fix the problem. Yes, the behavior is consistent for both the phone and the tab. Same albums are missing the art. I have not made any changes recently in my setup. I have not moved cores and did not restore any databases. Thanks!!

Hi @David_Asrael,

Can you please share a few screenshots of albums that appear to have the artwork missing?
You can upload screenshots here by using these instructions.

Hi @David_Asrael,

Thanks for sharing that screenshot. Does this behavior only affect a few of your media files or all of you media files? If you look down the list, do you start seeing album artwork on any of your other tracks?

Furthermore, this album appears to be a local one, can you send it to me via Dropbox / Google Drive / so I can take a look on my end if there is album art appearing?

It seems to affect most of my files that are stored on the QNAP NAS. I do not see artwork on the tracks when I look down the list of the affected files. I might be able to figure out how to send a file via Dropbox if you give me some guidance.

Hi @David_Asrael,

You can use these instructions from Dropbox to share the affected media:

I would like to try importing a few of these tracks on my end just to make sure that Album Art is expected here.

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