Album Art in the Zone menu

Hello Roon Team,

I just finished my trial and signed up for a lifetime and I’m really enjoying Roon thus far!

I would like to request a feature/option that would enable Album Art to be displayed within the Zones menu for loaded/playing content.


The Zones menu size could be extended on landscape devices (as it only expands about a third of the screen, at least on all of my landscape control devices) and made full screen on portrait devices to open up more screen real estate which would accommodate the extra metadata.

Also, I know this has been mentioned before but, the font sizes in some cases are very small and almost unreadable, especially the track information font within the Zones menu. The Zone names are huge yet the track information is tiny.


Perhaps there could be more balance between the Zone names and track information or there could be an option/setting implemented that would allow the user to select the font sizes themselves in “certain” areas of the remote control app.

One more feature request that I would like to see is an option for the Now Playing screen to auto populate after a certain period of inactivity while music is currently playing.

I apologize for any duplicate requests.

Thank you for your consideration.