Album art loading times - interesting observation (Apple vs Win 11)

Ever since B880 I’ve suffered slower loading times on my iPad and macOS (wifi and hardwired respectively). Once the art is I cached it subsequently loads immediately.

However, my Win 11 laptop (hardwired) does not suffer from this issue - loading times are immediate. Period.

So why should Apple devices suffer?

I have observed the same issue, and was about to post a support thread.
Observed when rendering either local or Qobuz content.
This wasn’t an observed issue for me on earlier builds of Roon (Earlier Last year)

My Win11 remote loads images quickly, whereas my iphone 13pro takes considerably longer.
My Win11 machine sits on Wi-Fi like my iPhone.

I run Roon Rock, and have completed all basic troubleshooting.

  • Reboot Network
  • Moved Rock onto different Orbi Nodes (Wired) (I have a master and slave)
  • Rebooted phone
  • Rebooted Core (Wired direct to Orbi Router)
  • Reinstalled app
  • Updated Core DNS to
  • Updated iPhone DNS to
  • Log out, into Qobuz
  • In the process of trialling a different i7 PC, Win11 atm, hardwired.

Does anyone have suggestions for improving the iPhone app experience / album art load times.
Is there some method to preload image cache into the iPhone, rather than having to view/scroll the albums first?

This sort of thing is very common, where images take 2-3 seconds to appear.
On the Win11 PC, they pop up in less than a second or so.