Album art missing after restore from backup

My SSD crashed, I reinstalled ROCK on a new SSD, I restored from a recent backup, now few albums doesn’t have the art-work , it is DARK BLACK not the GLAZED ART which comes when the ART WORK is missing, also if Lyrics are missing I don’t get Artist pictures or any album art, it is just DARK BLACK… @support

Hey @Tushar_das

I have split off your post to a thread of its own, so it’s easier for support to follow up with you on the issue.

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Hi could you confirm that was from Roon backup, using the Roon application, rather than just an OS file system backup?

I can confirm, the back up was ROON Backup from 2 days ago.

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Hello @Tushar_das, my apologies for the trouble here. Could you please send me a screenshot of Settings>Storage? Also, could you check your play counts and history to see if you have past usage of those tracks? Are the numbers the same as they should have been before?

Hello @nuwriy , Happy New Year… As requested screenshots below of the missing Album artwork… I listen to these tracks regularly…


Hello @Tushar_das, since those are all streamed content could you please elaborate on your network setup for me?

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Dear @nuwriy, all the album artworks are magically back… :slight_smile: The only difference is I’m now in India I flew for work last week Thursday …

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