Album art missing in win 10

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

ROCK running on a HP i5 Prodesk (128GB SSD, 16GB RAM), Files on QNAP TS 219P NAS (2500 albums)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Eth, Asus RT-AC68U router

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Bluesound Vault 2, eth

Description Of Issue

No album art is showing on my Win10 PC (this is my first install), either from Tidal or NAS. They DO show on my iOS devices however. I have tried to clear the image cache, increase allocated memory, and even reinstalling the app. No difference. I have also tried to disable my Avast Premium firewall. I have been able to access album art from a roon client on my work laptop (also a win10 pc) so I realise the problem is with my stationary computer but I cannot find the cause!


Hello @Bjorn_Heiling, you mentioned having ROCK installed on an HP device, did you mean Roon or RoonServer? ROCK is a little different, as it is meant exclusively for the Intel Nuc. I want to confirm which product you’re using so we know which way to go next!

I know ROCK is intended for NUCs, but the Prodesk is similar and works well sofar. The problem is with the Avast firewall. I have tried all possible settings without success. Uninstalling the Avast Premium Security software solves the problem (with Roon) but leaves me vulnerable. What to do?

Hello @Bjorn_Heiling, thanks for the info! I’d set some program-level exceptions for both Roon and RAATServer. I found some directions for you here from Avast. Let me know if that helps!

Hello, and thanks for the suggested fix. I had already made those changes, and thus it was not the solution. However, after some extensive trial and error it turned out not to be the firewall that was causing the problem, but rather the anti-virus Web Shield that was blocking Roon. The Web Shield is one of four core functions in Avast. Turning it off solves the connection issue, but still has me troubled as I don’t like leaving it like that, exposing me to on-line threats.
Avast being one of the major anti-virus services, surely others must have had similar problems? Is there a more permanent fix on the way?

Hey @Bjorn_Heiling,

I get it! Generally programs like Avast have a way of making exceptions (or whitelisting) for certain programs or sites. You should look into doing that for Roon. I was able to find this article from Avast on the subject.

Good suggestion, didn’t know this.


I have tried making exceptions for the ROCK URL, the NAS URL, and the AppData\Local\Roon\Application folder. Also I whitelisted the exe-files of the RAATServer and Roon.
I have restarted the core, the Roon application, and even the computer itself.
The result: no difference. The Roon app starts, no album art is shown.

Hey @Bjorn_Heiling,

Since we’ve narrowed down the issue to the web shield feature, and we’ve followed their article for port exceptions, I think it would be worth reaching out to Avast directly and see if they have further recommendations. We want to allow both Roon and RAATServer through the shield.

Hi Bjorn, I think that Web Shield is causing issues in your Roon Core dialoging with Roon’s image cache server. Try whitelisting in Web Shield - and see if that makes a diference.

Already reached out to them. Their support is not as quick to respond as your’s :slight_smile:

@Rugby Thanks! Tried it, didn’t help…

I don’t have/use Avast, is there a log you can check that lists what it is blocking with Web Shield, that might have some clues.

@Rugby Approaching, and frankly proceeding way past my knowledge and comfort zone here…
I have managed to locate the Avast log file library (quite a few of them), but cannot find any specific Web Shield log. Also am not so sure what I sould be looking for. I have randomly browsed a few looking for references to Roon and RAATServer, but cannot say I’ve found anything worth mentioning.

I found another Avast issue thread with a resolution. Not saying it is the same, but, you might check out the settings.

Thanks, tried that too. Didn’t help either :frowning:

Hey @Bjorn_Heiling, you mentioned reaching out to Avast a few days ago. Did they get back to you?

Am in a lenghty disussion on their user forum and have tried all sorts of official and unofficial settings. Sofar without a final solution to the problem. I have managed to get SOME of the Tidal album art back, but not all, and none for my NAS stored albums.

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