Album Art missing

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After the last ROON software update some Album Art pictures are missing

Hey @Mikhail_Shklyarenko

Thank you for reaching out to us with your report. We’re sorry to hear that you’ve lost some images in Roon since the update. Could you please update your report with your system details. This will help us determine the cause of your issue.

Once I have some more info I’ll be happy to take a closer look.

Thank you for your reply. Well, I’ve found that those albums with lost art are unidentified. That’s for now. But with previous update it was worse - a lot of albums, where album art was linked to internet based pictures, not locally stored, were missing these pictures.

Hello @Mikhail_Shklyarenko,

Thank you for including a screenshot here, this was very helpful. I checked this version in our metadata index and there doesn’t seem to be accompanying album art - this is rather rare. I noticed; however, that there is an alternate release that does include art. (See screenshot) You could use it, if the track titles align, or you can use the album art in your file tags for this release.

OK. Thank you!

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