Album art no longer appearing in LCD screen on DSD

I have. PS Audio DirectStream DAC. I had to disconnect power today to open it up to check the fuse. When I buttoned it all back up and reconnected it I am unable to see the album art from Roon in the LCD screen as I had been before powering it down. I have tried several albums and rebooted the DSD. Still no joy. Any idea what happened? This is weird.

Support? Any chance this is related to 216? It’s still not functional.

Problem solved. When I was putting the machine back together I accidentally bumped the SD card causing it to come out of the socket but not out of the machine so I missed that it had become dislodged. I pushed it back in and auto magically the album art came back. Just wanted to post the solution in case anyone else has the issue.

I’m have the same issue with my new DirectSteam, no album art is displayed. Is an SD card required to display artwork?

YES!!! Absolutely. My SD card had come loose when I pulled the DAC out of the rack and I had not noticed. The second I popped it back in all the album art reappeared. I think the SD card is 8GB. Find one and put it back in and all your album art issues should be resolved (also provided that you have the DAC connected to the Internet as well).

Thank you and confirmed. Dropped the SD card in and I have Album Art! This DAC sounds amazing