Album art not displaying, device icons gone again

Recently i’ve had an issue where roon is not displaying album art properly.

Currently I have my core running on a PC, and use either my phone or the windows app to control it.
On my phone, the album art displays fine. But on the PC, album art displays in some places but not others.

This is a brand new PC, fresh windows 10 install. Firewall disabled.
This is an example of what I see:

The album art is visible in the translucent background, but not the forefront image that SHOULD look like this:

The album art is however visible on the minibar at the bottom, just not in the “full view” as such

On my phone there is no issue.
Is there any way to fix this?
It seems quite intermittent but incredibly irritating

Also, all of the device identification icons have disappeared

Again, this is only on the pc remote. On the phone its absolutely fine

Hi @GoldenSound,

Do you by any chance have Logitech G Hub Updater on your PC? I have seen one similar report recently:

Aha! Uninstalling G-Hub did seem to fix it. I guess that’s probably what was causing the issue.

I’ve switched my logitech hardware to “internal memory” now rather than relying on the PC software, so hopefully won’t need to use G-Hub.

Thank you!

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Hello @Cameron_Oatley,

Glad to hear that my suggestion was helpful!
Do let us know if you have any other issues!

You don’t need to fully uninstall ghub, if you disable the Logitech G HUB Updater service and disable automatic start on boot. I do that so I can manually enable the service to do firmware updates and then disable it again after until there is a permanent fix for the issue

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