Album art on now playing full screen slow loading

Taking 10-12 seconds to display album art when advancing to next track. PC is a celeron running output and control. Core is on a different i5 pc. Files are file shared on another pc. Another i5 notebook with output and control started doing the same thing.

Was working slick, taking 1 or 2 seconds to display album art. Seems like delay started after a win10 update/reboot on the celeron playback pc. Notebook playback i5 may have gotten an update, too.

Celeron pc is loafing during playback, running about 5% cpu. RAM is 56% (of 4gb total). Network utilization is about 2 to 2.5 Mbps during playback. Disk utilization is o% to 5%. Only a slight jump in cpu and network during track changes.

I have rebooted everything, no change. Anything else I should look at?

Does the playback pc cache the art? Will it improve over time? Even if it is fetching every time it should still be pretty fast. Relatively small files, 1gb wired ethernet for everything.

ETA: Just noticed when I skip back through the previously played tracks the display is instantaneous, and is also instantaneous when I skip forward again until I get to the next unplayed track, then the the long delay. Audio playback is fine and not affected.

Change to the 32bit version of roon on the remotes with issues…my guess is they are intel hd graphics setups and there in lies the issue…I could be wrong, but it’s an easy change


Thanks! I will try that.

Nothing new about this issue sadly

That fixed it. Thanks a bunch!

Discovered that I still have the white screen after minimize mentioned in those other links, but it’s not a big deal.

Sounds like these are known problems for over a year and there are no plans to fix it, reason being it’s old hardware/drivers.

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