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I have learned that placing a .jpg file in the folder with the album, will replace the Roon artwork as long as it is higher quality. I have a Kings of Leon, Mechanical Bull that I have placed such a .jpg file into, but it has not as yet changed to the one I placed there. I have done so on/with other albums and the change was so quick, that it startled me.

Nothing earth shattering nor all that important, just wondering what, if it is known, interrupts the expected behavior.

Hi @Rodney_J_Sorensen,

If you go to Edit Album, what do you see under Album Artwork? Does the artwork show up here? Can you share a screenshot? Example below:


Dylan, I believe the method noted above will/would work. I wish to just put the .jpg into the same ‘place’ that the album tracks are, so as to protect myself from loosing the work I am doing, or wanting to do. I would rather not have to count on, nor worry about keeping a working backup of my changed.

Putting the artwork into the file itself is a more permeant way to save the changes I wish to make. I am pleased with how correct Roon is, all in all, but for me it is just as easy to place the .jpg into the proper folder.

I have done this with others, and it worked without hesitation. I was just curious if there are some situations where this does not work.

If you go to Edit Album for Kings of Leon, Mechanical Bull, as Dylan suggested, and take a screen shot it will be easy to confirm if Roon finds the file or not. It’s not clear from your post if the file is a higher resolution than the Roon image.

In this case, maybe tell Roon to Prefer File in the metadata settings.

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