Album art won't update

I edited some album art in the album’s “artwork” folder, increasing the images in size by 200%. In Roon, they still appear the same (old) size. I’ve tried to rescan the album, but it doesn’t seem to pick up the changes.

What am I doing wrong?

Have you embedded the artwork in the music files through something like mp3tag or just called it folder.jpg ?

Also have you edited the album in Roon and told it to prefer the media artwork and not Roon?
When you edit the album it will give you the dimensions of what it thinks the files are.

Hopefully points you in the right direction at least

The artworks are in the “artwork” folder within the music folder. JPG and PNG.

I thought Roon would pick up items in the artwork folder regardless? It’s not just the front cover in there but other images as well.

To be clear, the artwork from the “artwork” folder appears in Roon, it just doesn’t update after I edit the files. Maybe it’s because the filenames are the same and so Roon doesn’t think anything has changed?

So you have replaced the 1415x1245 image with one that is twice the resolution then.

You might want to try forcing a rescan of the library.
All of my artwork is embedded into the files and that picks up changes right away, though does not always show mine as Roon often has higher quality images.

I have not got Roon in front of me at the moment but I think I remember some options in Settings about this. But I could also misremember.

You can always drop that artwork onto the edit page and choose to use that as well, which is another option.

I tried a force rescan. I don’t think it fixed it at the time. Today, all of the covers have updated apart from one, which is still at the old smaller size.

Well good news on the rest.
Try to edit the one holdout, and manually and add the artwork if all the others have updated correctly

Clear cache…but I have spent so much time building up the cache. By this I mean maximising the images and allowing them to load, so that they load instantaneously next time.

Has the last holdout been resolved? If so, can we close this Support request? Thanks.

Not yet @Geoff_Coupe , but I have been busy and will revisit this to check as soon as I can.

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Hi @extracampine ,

I don’t believe we pick up artwork from subfolders automatically, so you would need to have manually specified, which it looks like you have done.

I would suggest either trying to rename the larger file and re-adding it as the desired artwork or clearing the cache as @Geoff_Coupe suggested, hopefully, that helps.

@noris , Roon picks up artwork from the “artwork” subfolder automatically.

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