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I apologise to you all for bringing metadata issues again and again.
Based on my previous problems, I blew away the database and rebuilt it. This has helped enormously. Thanks @Rugby.
However, it is far from perfect. My import settings are set to prefer my file tags for data that I groom and prefer Roon for data that I do not groom - very nice. However, when I go through the albums I keep finding Roon using Roon data when I indicated I wanted my groomed data. This seems particularly true for Album name and Album Artist.
Here are my Import Settings with a preference for my Album Artist.

Here is an example where Roon has used its Album Artist at the expense of my Album Artist.
Something is not working in the application of the settings when making loading the library.

@support Do we have a bug here?

This is happening quite frequently.
I put (HiRes) and (SACD) in the album name to make it easy for me to identify non-cd formats.
30% of those I have looked at have the Roon value imposed.

Hey @PNCD – the screenshots of album artist and title preferences look wrong to me. We’re going to try and reproduce, and if this is a bug we’ll open a ticket.

Thanks for the report!

Hi @PNCD ---- Just touching base with you here. As Mike mentioned we are trying to reproduce this behavior in house and are awaiting some feedback from our tech team.

In the meantime, may I kindly ask you to please post screenshots of the album details page for both of the albums you are referencing in this thread.


I cannot do that, @Eric Eric.
I am correcting what I am finding.
It seems to me that in many cases it is the selection box that is wrong: shows the Roon element as chosen when in fact the file tag is being used.

Here is an example.

This is the tag content of one file: Lila Downs is shown as Artist and Album Artist

This is what I see in Roon: Lila Downs y la Misteriosa.

This is what the Album editor shows: Both Lila Downs and Lila Downs y la Misteriosa
Why is Roon using its tag value when the loading default is to use the file value?

The Album Artist library preference not being applied here is a bug. I can reproduce.

We have a ticket open and we’ll try to get this fixed real soon, Peter. Thanks for the report!

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Louisiana Red’s Memphis Mojo. I tag it just with Louisiana Red since I have nothing else with Little Victor.
That is not what Roon wants to do:

This behaviour is not what I want and it is also inconsistent. Sometimes two artist names will split into two artists (Louisiana Red & Little Victor’s Juke Joint) and sometimes not (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)

Here is an album defined by me as Chao by the Brasilian, Lenine.
Here is the Album Editor view:

The tag value for artist is Lenine but Roon has identified Mafalda Veiga.
Here is the Wikipedia entry confirming Lenine:

The article does not identify Veiga with the album.
Here is the Album view in Roon:

Somehow it shows both Lenine and Veiga.
Is this enough for you to get to work on? It seems to me that the tag preferences in Import Settings are not being applied in an effective manner.

This one is too funny to pass up.
Here is the Album view:

A movie soundtrack of Dylan cover songs. Who are “The Masked Animals”? Good question.
Here is the editor view:

Roon has thrown out Bob Dylan to be replaced with The Masked Animals. Now take a look at the Album Name! Even though it shows that it is using the Roon album name, it in fact displays Masked And Anonymous.

There is so much of this!
Does nobody else have this problem? Does nobody else want to use Roon software with library tags?

@mike, do you have an eta for making library preferences work at least for Album and Album Artist which I found to be non-functioning?
I am holding of deleting the database and rebuilding until you have these library tools working. Thank you.

It’s fixed for our next release, but I don’t have a firm timeline yet on when everything is going to be released. It’s coming Peter, fear not! :slight_smile:

By the way, @joel and I discussed this and we fixed an equivalence issue here as well :innocent:

Thanks again for the report @PNCD!

Great @mike. I will look out for it and start over again.
Yes, it was a hilarious equivalence. I could never have made that up…