Album Artwork disappeared overnight

Overnight my album art has disappeared. Im running the Nucleus. Any ideas. The top of the screen shows the circle twirling constantly. thanks

And what is the message you get when you click on the spinning blue circle?
If something like metadata improver paused then it means the nucleus right now is not able to “phone home” to Roon servers.
A reboot may well fix that

Can it see the internet?

Spinning circle states “adding music to library 4688 added 0 identified”.

Ok, are these local or streaming files in your library?
If streaming what do see when you look at settings: services?
Possibly not connected to the service?
Again a full nucleus reboot may help.

Local files (all or most i think). Setting services showing Tidal, Qobuz, etc. Will reboot (I assume turn on off on back of box?). Thank you

Reboot did the trick. No idea why needed but artwork is back. Thank you.

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Figured it out with help. Nucleus needed a reboot. Thanks

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