Album artwork disappearing

Coming to the end of my trial period and before i proceed i have a question that hopefully will be answered.
I use a iphone 5s 16gb as a remote and a laptop with the Roon core connected to a Dynaudio Xeo wireless system via usb.
When browsing albums on the phone all the artwork is showing for every album at first,but after a while browsing my albums artwork disappears then eventually return after about 5 minutes.

Hi @Stewart_Taylor,

Can you please confirm if you have enough free space available on your iPhone? I am wondering if possibly Roon is running out of resources to show the artwork, you can check how much space you have free in iOS Settings -> General -> About.

Also, does this behavior occur for any other Roon Remotes or just the iPhone? Is the behavior the same if you reinstall the Roon iOS app (just the remote, not the Core)?

Hi only have the iphone to test no other roon remotes.
I am getting a 64gb Iphone 6s in the next couple of days so before trying anything else i will see what the behaviour is like with the new phone and let you know.
There is another thing that happened today that hasn’t happened before is a cd rip i was playing that stopped half way through the track and went to the screen saying nothing playing.
I replayed the same track again and it played no problem.

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Hi @Stewart_Taylor,

Thanks for letting me know those additional details. I would try the iOS app reinstall as I previously noted and would be curious to know if the iPhone 6S you are purchasing exhibits the same behavior.

It sounds like there could have been an issue on the networking side of things when this behavior occurred. If this issue happens again, I would like to request some more information as to your setup, info such as:

  • Is the Core connected via Ethernet?
  • Is your router up to date on the newest firmware?
  • What kind of format/sample rate was Roon outputting?
  • Does this behavior occur on other endpoints?

I got the Phone today and so far it working flawless with Roon and sounds truly excellent compared to the Jriver app.
Same cannot be said of Tidal which pales in comparison to my cd rips.

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No to the first question.
Does the roon core have to be connected with Ethernet even playing ripped cd files from my library when i am using the Iphone as remote?.

Hi @Stewart_Taylor,

The Core can be connected via Ethernet or WiFi but we have found that overall, users have a much better experience if they use Ethernet whenever possible. Connecting via Ethernet can help eliminate some possible causes of issues such as unstable WiFi or bandwidth saturation.

If the issue occurs again, please do note your response to the above questions. If we can separate this issue down to just one endpoint or one type of media causing this behavior it will be a good data point to have.

What about using a powerline adapter instead.
Would that be ok?.

Hi @Stewart_Taylor,

We generally recommend against Powerline adapters (as mentioned in our Networking Best Practices) and always prefer a direct Ethernet connection whenever possible.

Sometimes powerline adapters work as expected, and sometimes they do not. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try, but just do keep in mind that if things start to perform worse when the Core is plugged in via Powerline, you may want to try a direct Ethernet connection or instead use a “mesh-style” network.

Since reporting the stoppage two days ago, have there been any other tracks that exhibited this behavior?

No none whatsoever “artwork great”“sounds brilliant” but i now feel that something may go wrong from time to time using a wireless connection as my router is about 3 meters from the laptop.

Just to comment on current Powerline tech.

Whereas all my ‘Central’ kit (Roon on ROCK, NAS, Router, PCs, Printers) are connected on a proper CAT5e network in one location, all my remote devices/endpoints are connected using Ethernet over Powerlines, and it works VERY well and is faster and more reliable than WiFi. I have 5 remote endpoint locations, and am using Devolo Magic 2 devices. Not cheap, but works very well. My Roon endpoints are RoPieee/HiFiBerry.

What make and model power adapter do you have?.
Do the cheap one’s work?.

Sorry you already told me what you had.

Well do the cheap ones work, err yes they work, but maybe not so very well… You definitely get what you pay for and Devolo are not budget for a reason. I have been using Devolo for many years and upgraded as their technical prowess developed. I now have the Magic 2 series and they are exceedingly good. Performance does depend on the quality of your house wiring, and I have one device that links the HiFi rack at speeds of over 1100 Mbit/s, another to the TV at 500 Mbit/s and even a link to one in my workshop some 60 feet from the house at 85 Mbit/s. Same devices, different locations over my house electricity cables. All well fast enough for what I need.

I think a cheaper better solution for me would be to just get a 5m Ethernet cable.

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Oh yes indeed if possible, always run an Ethernet cable, which is what I do, but I use PowerPlugs where this is not possible.

One caveat is to manage expectations of throughput, at best expect to get half the ‘rated’ speed, and if the house wiring is poor, then maybe only 15-20% of rated throughput. The Magic 2 is ‘rated’ at 2400Mbit/s, so if you only get 10% of that it is still 240 Mbit/s - way over minimum speeds for streaming. So go for the fastest units, do not be tempted to save cash (although I previously did have the Devolo 1200 Mbit/s devices and they were OK for music and TV streaming, and fast file transfers)…

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