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iMac i5 High Sierra 10.13.6

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I am new user (1-1/2 days) with a large library. Many of my albums are missing artwork. How long can this usually take?

That’s your Artist Browser - so it’s showing photos of your artists. Unlike album covers, where the vast majority of album cover art is known to Roon, artist photos are not always readily available in Roon’s database. Over time, Roon adds in more artist images to its database, and you can always add your own artist images for your own library.

Isn’t the artist artwork your looking at. I know its missing but they are different, I usually just add my own.

Hi @Bob_Nelson — Welcome to the Roon community!

As mentioned above, you’re looking at the Artists browser. We populate artist images for as many artists as possible, but if we don’t have data on an artist unfortunately there will be no cover. The good news is we are always getting new data, so it’s possible that artist images can be added in the future! In the meantime, you can edit artists and include your own images if you’d like.

Thanks for the very quick response. The ALBUM browser looks very similar. I understand some titles will not be found, but common ones I expect would be found.

They all seem to be incomplete albums (if that makes a difference).

How do I add my own artwork?

Please disregard the “how do I add my own artwork?” question.

I just did a series of screen grabs to show you, but I’m glad you worked it out :slight_smile:

The Knowledge Base has some articles that hopefully will give you some pointers on managing your collection.

I notice that in your screenshot of your Artist browser, you apparently have an artist called “2001 A Space Odyssey”. This sounds like a metadata error to me. :slightly_smiling_face: Roon doesn’t recognise such an artist:

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