Album artwork not changing

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NUC 8i5 ROCK/ windows 10 pc/ roon 1.8
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Hardwired ethernet

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Description Of Issue

Album artwork not changing. Viewed alone file has correct artwork, when viewed in Roon file has wrong art work showing, click on edit, and file does not show the correct artwork stored in the folder. Try and drag the new file to Roon file fails to import. Very frustrating when you know file has correct tags.

Does this help?

Also, have a look at

Yes I have tried changing the settings but it doesn’t recognize new artwork in the folder, nor can I drag and drop them to roon, is always says failed. The music file metadata checked via other programs all reports back as showing the correct information. It may only be this particular file as other music files have room showing all artwork associated with the file. I will try again later to see if I can get it to work.

What image file format is the artwork? As far as I know Roon doesn’t support *.webp.

Even if it is a *.jpeg, *.gif, or *.png, it might be worth exporting as a different format in something like GIMP.

Also, if the image file is in a supported format, is the file listed in Settings>Library>Skipped files?

Nope, nothing I can do the album is the expanded Mission Impossible 2 cd from la la land. The only album Roon see’s is the original artwork in the folder no other. It does appear in the Settings>Library>Skipped files but on the PC there’s nothing telling the file is corrupt. I’m going to have to accept the wrong artwork. Can somebody else try and correctly amend the cover art from this CD Mission Impossible LLLCD 1411.

Problem now solved The original file had extra icons on the track listing (special characters) which when removed made the correct image show up. I am now a happy chappie, thanks though for everyone trying to help. Now that could mean I have to go through all my albums to find out if they have special characters in…oh the joy.

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