Album Artwork Size Limit?

I got a digital download copy of Harry Belafonte’s In My Quiet Room in 24/192 FLAC from and when I imported it to Roon there was no album cover art showing. Going to Edit Album, there was no album art to choose from - there was not even a Roon supplied version.

Investigating the original files I found that the embedded album art was a 42MB picture. I edited that by converting it to “half size” with ACDSee Photo Studio and that dropped the file size to under 3MB. I replaced the 42MB version with my reduced size version using MP3Tag and re-imported it into Roon, and this time the artwork showed up just fine.

I have to assume that the 42MB artwork exceeded some size limit within Roon, but after doing a bunch of searching I’ve been unable to find out what the limit is. Another Harry Belafonte album I downloaded had 15MB artwork and this displayed OK in Roon, so all I know is that the size limit is somewhere above 15MB.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

I had the same issue with a Chesky album. The artwork was ~30Mb which is HUG.
I used Lightroom and import/export to a size 1000x1000 px which is for me adequate for the purpose.