Album Artwork: Strange Days presented in Strange Colors (CMYK to RGB for 256-thumbs)


Description Of Issue

The newly imported Natacha Atlas album showed up in strange colors:

Thats how I would have expected it to look:

Also checked in iTunes and the artwork from the file’s shown correctly there:

Went to the cache folder and probably found the reason:

The creation of the 256 thumb assumes that the source is in RGB - but in this case it’s not, it’s CMYK. Since CMYK works with the larger cover why not also with the small one?

Hi @ndrscr,

Would you mind sharing this album with us via a shared Dropbox link so we can take a look?

Hi @dylan - is there an alternative for dropbox? I’ve no account there.

Hi @ndrscr,

If you have any other file transfer service (OneDrive, Google Drive) that will work as well. If you don’t have any available just let me know the size of the zipped file and I can send further instructions.

Hu @dylan,

it would be a 71 MB .7z archive – I suppose one track (and all images) from the album folder will be sufficient, right?

Hi @ndrscr — I just sent a PM with next steps.

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