Album available on Tidal, but not through Tidal on Roon

An album by Ella Mai is available on my Tidal account on the Tidal website, but the same album/artist is no where to be found on Tidal when on Roon. What gives?

Some details might help. Album name, release date etc.

Album name Ella Mai
Release date 10/12/18
Label: 10 Summers. Interscope

It’s available in Roon for me here in Norway, in two versions (non- and MQA).

Shows here in the UK through roon. 4 versions, 2 MQA and 2 not.

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Not Roon in US

Can you actually play the album in the TIDAL app in your favourites? When TIDAL pulls an album that you’ve favourited, the album stays there, but the hover-over play icon is removed. Roon no longer displays such albums.


All I did was listen to the album under my Tidal app and did not make it a favorite. It is not on Tidal under the Roon app in the US.

It shows up in a search for me in Roon in the US

I’m in the US and I see 4 versions of the album in Tidal using Roon: explicit/non-explicit, MQA/non-MQA

It is not about what title what version. When I do a search for an artist I expect Roon to pull up every album recorded by that Artist. Is this too much to ask?

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I still have the same problems, I recently searched for three artists/album; Andra Day, Lindsey Stirling and the album A Charlie Brown christmas and none of these searches turned up in Roon but in Tidal. Please see attached images.

To go around this I have to add them to favourites in Tidal, restart Roon and then discover them in my Overview. Can’t be the right way? :wink:

I am in the UK and I found the charlie brown in Tidal from within roon it actually found 4 versions.

Yes. That’s right.

Thank you! Your suggestion worked. Made Ella Mai a favorite on Tidal app. Closed and reopened Roon. Voila!

Youre welcome :slight_smile: But I still wonder why this problem occur pretty often?

I hope this is the right place to ask for help with this problem.

“Thelonious Monk The Complete Riverside Recordings” is a 15 volume set that IS available on Tidal. I have it selected as part of my Tidal collection and I am able to play it through my Tidal app.

However I cannot locate the recording on Roon, it does not appear in my Roon collection as other Tidal albums do and I cannot play it through Roon.

Can someone explain why?

It is an issue that you will just have to deal with until Roon gets their algorithms
all sorted out. I stopped complaining about it and just enjoy the music I can find.

That’s not very encouraging. I’d still like to hear from someone who can reply one behalf of Roon.

Hi @Geoff_Mirelowitz.

Can you confirm which region your TIDAL account is for?