Album Browser > All Tracks Tab: Missing Tracks

Roon remotes on build number 610 (Android, macOS), ROCK serving as Core, same build number.

Album Browser > All Tracks Tab: Missing Tracks

I’ve noticed that for a particular multi-disc album not all tracks are shown under “All Tracks”, see screenshots below. It cuts off all tracks from disc 6 - but it shows the work title for the first multi-part work on disc 6.


Box set stats:

6 discs
# of tracks total: 162, # of tracks shown under “All Tracks”: 145

Hello @ndrscr, are you set up for multi disc sets? Can you send me a screenshot of these tracks in file explorer? Thanks!

@nuwriy - I don’t understand your question because as shown in the third screenshot the tracks are not missing when display is limited to only show “Disc 6” but get cut off from displaying when “All Tracks” is selected.

So it’s no identification issue - that worked fine. :slight_smile:

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