Album Browser / Thumbnails: Visible compression artefacts (macOS, Retina Display) [Ticket open]

It seems the thumbnail generation fails on certain album covers - actually in cases where JPEG compression is likely to have shortcomings from what I’ve been reading about it (which wasn’t much :wink:)

Example 1
Album Browser macOS / Retina display:

The cover source (as roon shows it):

For comparison - how itunes does it:

Example 2
Album Browser macOS / Retina display:

The cover source (as roon shows it):

For comparison (1) - how itunes does it:

For comparison (2) - how roon on my Android tablet does it (Core runs on the Mac):
But there - due to the lower resolution display - it’s not that bad visually.

I’ve noticed there was a feature request which may or may not be related to the issue:

But for my examples I wouldn’t open a feature request but hope for a fix (maybe optimized settings for libjpeg; at least on HighDPI displays). So as an issue it gets filed under “support”, right?

– Update –
@support : could you maybe forward this to the dev team to check out if something can be done about it? Thanks!

Hi @ndrscr ---- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us. The feedback is always appreciated!

Moving forward, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to add your post to the already existing thread in the feature request section of the community site as this area is regularly monitored by the team. Let me know what you think and we can continue accordingly.


Thanks for taking notice. If you think it’s a feature request, well then I assume it’s OK to move the post.

As I’ve already said to me the too “aggressive” use of JPEG compression for thumbnails looks more like the app stays below what’s - let’s say: state of technology and therefore to be expected but whatever helps solving this please do it. :sunglasses:

Hi @ndrscr ---- Thank you for touching base with me, appreciated!

I wanted to reach out because I had a chance to discuss your report with a few of our team members today and they would like to present it to one of our senior DEVS during our weekly support meeting at the end of next so he can weigh in on the observation you’ve made.

For now I am going to hold off on moving your thread over to the “feature request” section until I get a little more feedback, at which point I will be sure to follow up with you.


Hi @eric - thanks for letting me know. Let’s wait and see. :slight_smile:

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Hi @ndrscr ---- Thank you again for the continued feedback and more importantly, thank you for your patience here.

Continuing forward, our tech team has asked if you could please verify the source in which the mentioned cover art was provided from.


Hi @eric,

not sure if that’s what the tech team wants to know:


For the Ken Wilson cover from above the source is also listed as portable network graphics - which is the picture format YATE usually uses when I embed cover art from download stores (mostly qobuz) into files; I prefer larger embedded covers as you can see. :slight_smile:
But I’m not sure if that matters, since for jpg sources it’s the same…

Looks like that in the album browser:

Please let me know if further or other info needed.

Thanks for getting in touch with me @ndrscr and providing the requested feedback, very appreciated!

I have passed this information along to our tech team and if they require anything else I will be sure to follow up with you ASAP.


Hi @ndrscr ---- Our tech team has had a chance to take a closer look into this observation you have made based on the provided feedback and can confirm that are seeing the same behavior. In light of this a ticket has been opened in our system to track this issue which is currently with our DEV team for further evaluation/investigation.

While I cannot comment on when this will be addressed I can assure you that I will keep you up to date as I am passed feedback from the team.

Thanks again!