Album can't be played from tidal

Roon Core Machine

Lenovo tiny Pc

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Tplink C6

Connected Audio Devices

Sotm sms 200 streamer

Library Size

7000 tracks

Description of Issue

With Roon, I can’t play an album from tidal… It said that the album is not currently available… BUT directly from tidal app, it works!!
See attached screenshots

You mean Roon is not seeing a Tidal new release yet or?
If so then it can take a couple days sometimes to sync new releases to be available to see/ play within the Roon environment.

No, I’m saying that the same song/album won’t play from Roon but will from tidal app

There are two versions of this album on Tidal. One plays just fine and the other appears to be “unavailable”. Remove one and just add the other which plays fine.

Happens with Tidal rather often as they constantly remove one version of a file and add another one.

PS: Another Cargo fan here :metal:

Hi @Marius_Badau

As suggested above, are you able to play a different version of this okay?