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Maybe my issue is kind of silly - but i really want to know how much CDs i have. The number shown under “albums” is somewhat misleading. One example:
Lets say i had only 1 item in my collection: a box set with 150 CDs. then the album count will show “1”, not “150”. But i want to see “150” instead!
Ist there any chance to get this information in ROON?


Well, I can think of one way, but I really wouldn’t recommend it unless you really, really, want to know.

In the album browser, focus > inspector > disc count.
Choose 1 - 1. Make note of count.
Choose 2 - 2. Make note of count and multiply by 2
Choose 3 - 3. … you get the idea.


I suppose you could bookmark each of the steps so you could keep check from time to time.

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Would you tell me why you can’t really recommend this?
Is there any danger to “destroy” something?


No danger at all. It just seems a lot of work and I had hoped to come up with something better.

It all depends on how many doubles/triples/box sets you have.

Anyway, pleased if it works for you!

The easiest way I suppose is decide on an “average track count per average album” then work from the Track Count which is more likely to correct

I would think 8-10 would be a good bet , not accurate but better than nothing, certainly better than the Roon album count if there are lots of boxes

Operas lous things up a bit and 4 track symphony albums , it’s a guessing game

One way to do this is to export your library to Excel. In the spreadsheet there is a “media count” column, the sum total of which is the number of actual discs Roon counts in your library. The export won’t distinguish between ripped CDs and streaming service favorites (if any), but you can modify the export by using the Focus function to exclude those and then export just the ripped CDs in your collection.

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@wkimbel87: that sounds ike a good idea!
would you be so kind and advice me how to export the data from ROON to Excel?

It’s very easy. See the Roon Knowledge Base here:

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Thank you very much … i will try this!