Album/Compilation Sort Order

Hello, My Settings shown here (see pic). All compilations albums are placed under “Various Artists”, as I wanted. From here, I understand the compilation albums are sorted according to this order:
(1) Primary order = Album Dates,
(2) Secondary order = Album Name

If I want to use “Names for compilation sorting = Use Various Artists”,
is there a way for me sort by Album Name as the primary order instead (before sorting by Album Dates)? Thanks

You already found the option (see your picture). As the option affects VA album sorting only, my best advice for you is to create a bookmark for the “Various Artists” filter or even tag them as “Sampler” for example – if you load the tag, you can choose to see your Samplers only or your other albums only.



@BlackJack Thanks. Just learned about Tags… they’re useful. Thanks.
The sort order doesn’t change though under Tags.

I believe Roon defaults to this sort order (if we use the settings I showed above):
(1) All compilation albums (with Album Artist = Various Artists) will be shown under “Various Artists” under the Album view
(2) Within Various Artists, they’re first sorted by Year
(3) Thereafter, they’re sorted by Album Name

I was hoping to swap the sort order between (2) and (3), i.e. sort by Album Name first before Year. Roon doesn’t seem to be able to do that.

Then do that, either by changing the sort order from the drop-down in the album view (every time you need to) or by changing the preferred sort order for compilation sorting in the settings.

Note: You can’t have both sort orders – you must decide which one to use.

Got it, thanks. Yes, I can make it (3)>(2). But I can’t make it (1)>(3)>(2). Looks like I can’t have my cake and eat it, haha. (foobar2000 could do it… that’s why I was more familiar with this order). Bummer, will adjust to Roon’s style.

I already showed you how you can look at just the Various Artists (or just all the other ) albums, no matter the sort order. If just look at Various Artists albums you can sure get the result you are asking for with Roon.

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