Album count mystery

Running a Roon Nucleus +, accessed from an iMac and MacBook Pro. Both are current on latest Big Sur release

Roon endpoints are Bluesound devices.

12,884 tracks

My laptop reports 961 albums in the Roon app. My iMac says I have 991 albums. How can that be? Both Macs are pointing only to the Nucleus +. The track counts agree on both machines. I’m stumped.

Have restarted Roon app on both machines. Restarted the Nucleus +.


Hi, In Roon’s settings is this flag set the same on both Roon remotes?


Falling that try rebooting the Nucleus and both remotes, it might help.

They may well be hidden files, you need to check the option in settings.

That’s it… thanks… must be some duplicates… one remote was set to display, the other was not. thanks for sorting that out for me.


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