Album cover defaults to Roon when it doesn't recognize an album

Good morning,
I’ve had a problem with covers for a long time. The default cover of roon when I recognize an album is always the same and of a specific album, a Green Day album. ¿Is there a way to change the cover that Roon shows when he doesn’t recognize an album?

Hello @Angel_Perez,

Thanks for letting us know of this :nerd_face:

By default, if an album is not identified by Roon, you should see a gray disc image. As displayed here:

As you’re going through the identification process, you should be able to select the matching version:

At the very least, you can always edit the album artwork by clicking on the three-dot (ellipsis) button.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t get any of the default roon covers that let me know if roon hadn’t recognized the album. What I get are different covers for the album, several covers on different albums. This makes it harder for me to identify which albums I don’t recognize. Try reinstalling rock and it doesn’t fix the problem. Where is the database of roon default caeatulas located?


Hey @Angel_Perez,

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I wonder if clearing the cache will help. This button is located under Roon Settings → Setup → Clear Image Cache → Clear Cache.

Please, let us know if you can :pray:

Thanks Rebeka, the problem seems to have been fixed by resetting the cache.

I’m actually having this same issue. Every cover that is not found is not showing the roon default cover, but instead is showing an album cover from The Cure. I tried the Image Cache / Clear Cache suggestion, but it did not resolve the issue, even after a server restart. Anything else I can try to fix this?

Start a new support thread and fill in the system information requested.